“Since coming to Neil, I have gained a lot of knowledge about myself that I didn’t even know, most importantly, how to be happy!”

“Breathing techniques and EMDR are 2 powerful tools that have helped me. Without Neil, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“I learned to take a step back from a situation and digest my feelings and move forward in a healthy, productive way.”

“Neil is not a one size fits all therapist. He uses non traditional methods which helped me gain patience and a more open and peaceful mind.”

“Neil’s ability to listen openly and help you change your thoughts, patterns, or behaviors will change your life forever! You will find a sense of peace within you that you never even knew you were searching for to begin with.”

“I feel that the emotional baggage that I came into therapy is much lighter now. I have gained valuable knowledge that has helped me to be able to recognize my negative emotions and better deal with them in a positive way. Overall, my relationships are better.”

“Really, I believe as long as a person is ready to embrace the process, that Neil will be able to help them. I had not been successful with past licensed therapists until I saw Neil.”